Tony Enrico is a business improvement leader.
He combines his passion for producing results with a unique blend of honesty, integrity and care.

Experience Driving Sales & Profits

Tony Enrico has served as a President, a CEO, a COO and held multiple executive positions in Fortune 500 companies.

As a fractional CEO, COO or VP Sales, Tony works with business owners and their executive teams in small to mid-market family owned and privately held companies typically grossing $5M – $100M annually.  Areas of focus and execution include business improvements, turnarounds and people development strategies that drive desired results.

Tony believes there is a solution to every business problem and most companies have tremendous untapped potential.

As the President and COO of the nation’s largest retailer and distributor of high-end treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and home gyms, Tony led a highly successful turnaround.

Prior, Tony served as the Vice President of a boutique consulting firm advising premier companies such as Procter & Gamble, Frito Lay and Crayola Crayons on leadership development, change management and sales effectiveness.

During his successful 15-year career at Johnson & Johnson, Tony received multiple leadership and performance awards for growing and turning around multiple business units.

He is the co-author of Championship Selling: A Blueprint for Winning with Today’s Customer.

He and his wife have two sons and live in Orange County, California.


Operating Principles

Constructive Candor

Communicating with respect and transparency; no pink elephants.


Demonstrating behaviors that consistently make the organization stronger.


Choices and consequences; owning actions.