All workshops are designed to develop individual performance and the company culture.  Participants learn processes and principles proven to produce positive results.  Individual action plans are created for immediate use.

Workshops can be delivered in a half-day, full-day or two-day versions.

Workshop Titles

Strategic Synergy

Developing and Executing Plans that Drive Desired Results

  • Clearly identify the organizations core strengths and areas of opportunity specific to the seven core elements of a comprehensive strategic plan
  • Receive a 28 point assessment of current business practices and steps to improve the company performance
  • Determine the current leadership team’s strategic execution alignment
  • Design and implement a customized strategic plan driving accountability, alignment and desired outcomes


Impact Leadership

Building Confident, Competent and Accountable Leaders at All Levels

  • Understand the CORE Four characteristics of Impact Leaders
  • Integrate the three most powerful human needs into your personal leadership style
  • Learn a proven leadership process that will increase influence and results regardless of title or position


Consultative Selling

Specialty Retail Customer Solutions
  • Understand a proven and highly effective process to engage and influence
  • Learn how to create memorable experiences for customers that create a clear point of difference for your product or service
  • Design action steps that will increase sales while creating value for customers


Strategic Selling

Creating Business to Business Solutions Customers Care About
  • Learn the three levels of mastery required to create a point of difference
  • Leverage a seven step process that differentiates top performers
  • Create a personal action plan to produce desired results



Tony’s unique post workshop follow-up sessions are included.  The follow-up sessions ensure participants implement information and insights into real-time application.