F@#K Fear – Now What

Fear sucks. 

Yeah, you can make a philosophical argument that without fear we would have been eaten by the figurative lions many eons ago and human kind would not exist.  Fact of the matter, the spirit to live, create and thrive is a lot more powerful than the energy suck caused by fear. 

Too many people live their lives in fear when it’s fake.  FEAR is: False Evidence Appearing Real.  It’s made up. Statistically, 97.65% of the time, that which we “fear” is a figment of our imagination.  A hallucination.  A living nightmare.  When we “wake,” it disappears.  

Love is the opposite. It’s the life-giving spirit located deep within that is granted at birth.  Remove a person’s spirit and poof – a comatose, veggie induced automaton that gives up the greatest gift of all, the freedom to choose. 

Want proof? Study Viktor Frankl. Read his book Man’s Search for Meaning.  The spirit to live is amazing. 

Now that we’ve covered the grand polarities of life as we know it, what now? What choices can be made that will dramatically and positively impact our lives and those we have the privilege to influence.

Here is a muse that might create some meaning in your

Prudence vs. Paranoia – Make well informed choices. Do your research.  Seek opposite perspectives. Dig into issues. Understand agendas. Act accordingly.

Ask yourself a simple question.  “If everyone in the world did that thing” (or behaved that way), would it make the world a better place or not? Hint: If everyone came from a place of abject fear or love which would be better for the planet?  (Not a trick question.  Most third graders would know the answer in an instant.)

Now broaden that simple question and ask yourself –

  1.  Where are you coming from and how are you behaving?
  2.  What is the media portraying and how are they behaving?
  3.  Where are people in “power” coming from and how are they behaving?

From Fear or Love?

Yes, we take calculated risks every day, like driving a car, eating unhealthy food/drink and swimming in the ocean.  The fact is, there is a 99.65% probability you will drive home tonight and live.  There is an equal chance that the next potato chip you eat (I love Ruffles) will not kill you, and, unless you are that VERY unfortunate surfer, a great white shark will not have you for breakfast. 

“Risk” is all around. It has been forever.  Let’s accept the fact and face forward.

Freedom is sought around the world. The great U.S.A. is arguably the most admired country on earth today. Why, because our nation was founded on a declaration of independence. That is, each of us has the ability to express who we are while allowing others to do the same. 

F@#K Fear and its derivatives – censorship, isolation, fascism
and those like characteristics leveraged by dictators and despots. 

Chose to be different than the millions of lemmings following the fear-mongering message of the mass media. Instead, be a kind, compassionate and loving person. 

See the simplicity. Be the solution. Set the example for others to break the bondage of B.S. (belief systems) that no longer work. Let’s learn from these unfortunate current events and build a very bright future. 

Remember, leaders go first.