The Magnificent Mile

For many, we are one step away from magnificence. It has been said the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary can be measured in millimeters not miles.

It is the little things we think, feel and do every day that ultimately make a profound difference in one’s self and those we have the privilege to lead.

On March 3, 2018 Roger Bannister, a global sports icon and Sports Illustrated’s fist Sportsman of the Year, passed away. Bannister may not be known by the masses, yet he is arguably one of the most influential human beings of the 20th century.

His remarkable accomplishment of being the first human to run one mile under four minutes (3:59.4) on May 6, 1954 not only broke a world record, but burst through an artificial barrier that was perceived to be physically impossible.

A mere 46 days following Roger’s astonishing accomplishment, John Landy, an ardent competitor of Bannister’s, bested his rival’s record by posting a then record setting four minute mile time of 3:57.9. Within a year 46 others broke the threshold. Since that magic day in 1954 over 500 Americans alone have done the same demonstrating the amazing capabilities that reside within human beings.

What can “mere mortals” learn from Roger Bannister? The answer is simple, the power of personal beliefs.

Besides being a world-class runner, Bannister was also a world-class student. In fact, not long after setting the fastest mile on record, Roger retired from competitive sport and returned to his love of study. He went on to become a notable Neurologist.

His passion of how the mind and body are connected led to Bannister’s accomplishment. Through mental visualization along with intentional diet and training, Bannister believed the human being was capable of accomplishing the “impossible.” He proved it.

More influential, once Bannister showed others “the way,” many fellow runners broke through their own barriers based on the power of self-belief.

How can Bannister’s accomplishment crossover into business and life? Fully internalize we are one step away from magnificence. The difference between being ordinary and being extraordinary is measured in millimeters not miles.

Walk on my friends. Walk on!