The World’s Most Powerful Tool

If there was one skill everyone on the planet would benefit from mastering it would be building constructive interpersonal relationships.

Relationships matter, a lot!  The challenge many professionals face is how to initiate, cultivate and sustain mutually beneficial relationships when technology coupled with endless demands continues to push people away from each other.  We’ve all seen the dynamic.  Four people sitting at a restaurant table all looking at their mobile devices.

In fact, the same behavior can be witnessed during professional social ...

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It’s Coming

No one has a crystal ball. Yet those with wisdom know a sizeable shift is coming. Can you see it?

The stock market has become volatile; it’s safe to expect some wild swings in the days and months ahead. The larger issue business owners and executives must grapple with is the tremendous uncertainty facing so many industries. Continuing to do as you’ve always done is a recipe for disappointment.

In fact, the more success a business has experienced, the more the C-Suite ...

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The Best of Both

“A true leader is determined not by the number of followers one has, a true leader is determined by the number of leaders one creates.”

“A true sales professional is determined not by the number of customers one has, a true sales professional is determined by the number of relationships one creates.”

Yes, metrics matter. Yet, over a successful career, what is most admired in highly successful professionals is the positive influence they have on other people’s lives. As we grow professionally ...

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Start Strong

The best way to ensure the year finishes strong is to start strong.

The best way to start strong is to sync with your key customers.

One of the biggest mistakes business-to-business sales executives make is to assume they fully understand what their customer’s top priorities are.  The world is changing so fast with so many disruptive competitive entrants, NEVER assume last year’s priorities will carry forward.

Structuring your first customer call of the year is simple.  Find out your buyer’s previous year’s top three ...

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Get Naked

It’s that time of year again. Time to figuratively strip down and take an honest look in the mirror.   If everything in your business is “perfect” you and your company are an anomaly.

If your business can benefit from making a few tweaks or wholesale changes, the first step to set the stage for a successful 2017 strategic plan is to SWOTT IT! No, I’m not talking about preventing the Zika Virus, West Nile or any other insect carrying disease. I’m ...

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Welcome to the Jungle

In the last refrain of the infamous Guns & Roses hit song Welcome to the Jungle, it reads:

“In the jungle welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your knees, knees
In the jungle welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to you
Its gonna bring you down, ha!”

The essence of this song speaks to a less desirable side of human nature, arrogance and greed.

Hundreds if not thousands of companies have failed over the last number of ...

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Playing Catch – The Revenue Driver

One powerful skill that exceptional business leaders and top revenue producers continue to hone is the ability to play catch.

Harken back to the classic movie Bull Durham. You may remember the rocket-armed pitcher “Nuke” LaLoosh, played by Tim Robbins. He consistently threw screaming fastballs in an attempt to strike out hitters. His stubborn approach prevented him from considering new options or strategically thinking about how to manage each batter he faced. He remained stuck in the minor leagues ...

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Selling Simplified

There are hundreds if not thousands of books written every year about how to become a more successful business-to-business revenue generator.  Granted every industry is different, however, there are a number of key processes that can be easily followed to achieve desired results. 

Goal Alignment

  • Establish Clear Goals –Take the time to clearly identify (in writing) what your specific goals and objectives are for all targeted accounts.
  • Correlate Your Goals with the Customer’s – On a scale of 1-5 how do your ...
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Swinging for the Fences

Over the last several weeks I have met with a number of CEOs and Business Owners. In EVERY conversation, business development and sales generation has surfaced as a primary focus. It is a rarity to meet an executive who does NOT want to increase their customer base.

How then can executives and sales professionals proactively attract new business? Here are a few thoughts.

Singles are More Important than Home Runs – An often overused metaphor, but if every ...

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Master This

The ability to constructively influence others is the single skill all business people must master. Selling your products or services is the blood of every business. No sales, no company.

Today, with instant access to information via the web, social media, emails, tweets etc… selling has become a whole company function not simply a department within an organization.

Everyone is selling all of the time.

  • From Bankers to Bakers
  • From Counselors to CPAs
  • From Doctors to Diplomats
  • From Manufactures to Moms
  • From Receptionists to Recruiters

People committed to ...

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