The World’s Most Powerful Tool

If there was one skill everyone on the planet would benefit from mastering it would be building constructive interpersonal relationships.

Relationships matter, a lot!  The challenge many professionals face is how to initiate, cultivate and sustain mutually beneficial relationships when technology coupled with endless demands continues to push people away from each other.  We’ve all seen the dynamic.  Four people sitting at a restaurant table all looking at their mobile devices.

In fact, the same behavior can be witnessed during professional social gatherings or formal business meetings.  Eyes glued to the screen waiting for the next “critical” social media post or skimming through the barrage of endless emails.

All the while, a grand opportunity to leverage one of the most powerful connection creation opportunities is missed or grossly under-utilized; being present, asking genuine open-ended questions and listening, truly listening, to the other party before trying to demonstrate genuine care, concern or even compassion.

The intentional act of creating conversation that leads to deepening a relationship is astoundingly powerful.  Helping others overcome issues, big or small, is critically important for leaders and sales professionals.  When those we have the privilege to influence know they are appreciated and valued, the universe seems to offer synchronistic opportunities for others to return our kind deed.  Simply put, what goes around comes around.

Kindness may not be immediately acknowledged, yet rarely goes unnoticed.  To sincerely benefit others, simply work to serve.  The positive energy emitted creates a constructive ripple in the shared sphere of consciousness of those involved.  Just as positive creates positive, negative can do the same.  The choice is yours.

Build relationships.  Respect others.  Inspire others to become all that they can be.

Watch, wait and witness the circle of life pay you back in kind.  Easy, no.  Worth it, yes.

Kindness is contagious.  Pass it on.