Master This

The ability to constructively influence others is the single skill all business people must master. Selling your products or services is the blood of every business. No sales, no company.

Today, with instant access to information via the web, social media, emails, tweets etc… selling has become a whole company function not simply a department within an organization.

Everyone is selling all of the time.

  • From Bankers to Bakers
  • From Counselors to CPAs
  • From Doctors to Diplomats
  • From Manufactures to Moms
  • From Receptionists to Recruiters

People committed to constructively influencing others have moved beyond the old “always be closing” adage. Today professionals are focused on the following:

Character – be passionate about helping others

Connect – establish rapport

Care – asking genuine questions

Collaborate – give before you get

Create – provide value-based solutions

How are you improving your influencing (selling) skills?   Are you investing time and energy into helping your organization to master this important skill?

Selling is fundamentally the authentic desire to help others achieve their wants, needs and desires.   Demonstrate courage and elevate your ability to influence.

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