3 Little Pigs and Business

In today’s rapidly changing, highly disruptive business environment, having an up to date and well developed business strategy and execution plan is critical to long-term success.   In two short weeks the fourth quarter of the year will begin.  Are you ready for next year and the ensuing 24-36 months?

How Well Built is Your Business Strategy?

  • How prepared is your company to address the upcoming disruptions, market shifts and changes in customer demands? 
  • What “wolf” is lurking to take away your market share and potentially make your company tomorrow’s dinner?
  • Is your executive team fully aligned to execute the plans that will keep your business relevant in our rapidly changing marketplace? 

Remember the childhood story about the three little pigs?

The story has massive relevance for business owners and executives today. Too often time-starved owners, CEOs and executives are putting out day-to-day “fires” vs. focusing on how they might purposefully build their business for the future.

How does this simply story ties to a strong business strategy?

  • One little pig hastily built his house from straw as fast as he could.  It did not take long before the big bad wolf blew the house down and ate the pig.
  • His brother was equally quick to build a house from sticks so to get on to the next “urgent” matter.  When the wolf huffed and puffed the second little piggy became the predator’s lunch.
  • The third little pig was smart.  He took his time and built a strategy plan.  He then carefully executed his plan.  By building his house with brick, it withstood the inevitable predatory conditions in the woods.  Further, he created multiple contingency plans to ensure he and his home could be sustained over time.  Even when the wolf slid down the chimney, the smart pig met the “competitor” with a huge kettle of boiling water and ultimately ate the wolf for dinner.

How Well are Your Strategy and Execution Plans Built? 

No one would ever construct a custom dream home without a detailed blueprint created by a competent architect.  Further all core elements of the home would need to exceed stringent standards to include optimal plumbing, electrical, wood, steel, cement etc.  The exterior of the home would be carefully designed and painted to ensure the home has exceptional curb appeal.  And naturally, only the very best contractors and craftsmen would be hired to construct the home for years of living and enjoyment.

Considering business owners, CEOs and executives rely on their organization to provide the long-term income and value creation to support a desired lifestyle, doesn’t it make sense to intentionally build a custom designed business strategic blueprint and then execute against the plan?    Considering how fast the market changes, reviewing and updating the plan should be an annual activity.

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