Be a Miracle Maker

You have to love Dreamers. Those that see the word for all it can be vs. what currently exists.

You have to love Doers even more. They see the summit of the metaphorical mountain and succeed in ascending.

The difference between Dreaming and Doing is instrumental in achieving true success in business and life.

Some believe that only a few are chosen. In fact, all are give the choice but few follow through.

What can mere mortals do to create lives others simply aspire to? Here are five specific steps all can follow.

Know Your Outcome – Move beyond intellectual understanding and Feel your dream. Make it real by emotionalizing your passion. Create the burning desire through crystal clarity.

Take Baby Steps – Superman / Superwoman is a comic book character. Greatness is achieved by eating the elephant one bite at a time. By setting mini goals major outcomes are achieved…over time.   Be patient with yourself and others.

Include Others – It’s often best to share your goals, dreams and desires with trusting souls that surround you. It is a given that S#*T will happen. Success comes in jagged lines not a smooth hockey stick arc. Build a support system. Enroll and engage others to become part of your quest.

Simplify – Too many people over engineer their master plan for greatness. Millions of people subscribe to “silver bullet solutions” shared by speakers, authors and others. In reality super successful people don’t bounce from one “great” idea to the next, they make the complex simple and then FOCUS.

Forest Gump It – Just start taking action without over analyzing. Forest was a master at committing to a task even in the face of staggering data that suggested his cause was highly improbable. Yet he marshaled on. Be like Forest and keep on. Simply keep on!

You see consistency is what ultimately creates competence. Think about it. No one has ever become highly competent and then decided to become consistent. To the contrary, those who are great are consistently practicing their craft that creates the competence others designate as “talent.”

Peter Drucker said it best. “ Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Said another way, one’s beliefs consistently demonstrated will always outperform the best-laid plans.

Want to climb a professional mountain?

  • Become passionate about reaching the pinnacle
  • Smile
  • Then start walking

Oh, one more thing. Enjoy the journey. Once you reach the summit and enjoy the tremendous views, your desire to experience yet another vista will ignite and you will quickly begin your next quest.

Some call it the circle of life. The journey never ends.

Start creating my friends. The world awaits your greatness.


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