Company Blind Spots

Take a moment to complete this simple exercise.  It might help to print the page.

Close your left eye.  Stare at the + mark below.  Now slowly move the page closer to your face.   Remain staring with your right eye only at the +.  If you stay focused on the plus sign you will notice the minus sign will briefly disappear from your peripheral vision.

   +                                         –

Move the page back and forth a few times and notice how the minus sign will appear and disappear.

This simply exercise is designed to remind us what we see is not always 100% accurate.  We all have blind spots.  In fact, often time, the more success we experience our blind spots expand.

As leaders, business builders and professionals, it is critical we do the appropriate amount of introspection and inspection to ensure we fully understand our personal, organizational and marketplace blind spots.

It is very important executives and their leadership teams take a step back, get out of the metaphorical woods and see the trees for what they are.  It may surprise some that the “trees” standing in the way of progress are not really there.  It may be equally alarming to find serious threats to the business looming just around the “unseen” corner.

Gaining insight from objective perspectives is a core element to strategically renew an organization’s awareness and commitment to perpetual success.

What blind spots is your organization working on?   Do you have a reliable process to ensure your blind spots are fully “seen” and understood?

Don’t believe everything you see.  Perceptions can be misleading.  Surround yourself with objective  “seers” to fully appreciate all your business has to offer.

Speaking Events

Strategic Synergy
Integrating Priorities, Process and People to Drive Results

BT Western Corporation

Wednesday, February 10, 2015
Costa Mesa, CA

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Impact Leadership
Building Competence and Confidence at All Levels

Orange County Chapter

Radisson Newport Beach
Wednesday, February 28, 2015
7:30 – 9:00 a.m.

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