Don’t Become An Uber

Much has been written about building a strong sustainable business.  Intellectually understanding a prescription for success is easy.  Actually doing the work is not.

Travis Kalanick’s recent fall from grace as CEO of Uber is yet another prime example of how arrogance and omnipotence can quickly cripple a leader’s efforts to succeed.

With the amazing amount of technological, economic and generational change currently occurring in organizations there are a number of key principles we might internalize to avoid becoming another corporate casualty.

First, as an organization grows there is a tendency for some leaders to become cocky or even complacent.  With success some get sloppy.  Without discipline, attention to results and continuous learning, mistakes are prone and troubling outcomes surface.  No one likes failure.  Stay humble my friends stay humble.

Second, successful organizations are created through collaboration vs. command and control.  As the complexity in our world continues, it is critical for leaders to surround themselves with exemplary executives that possess skills they lack.  Gaining insights from differing perspectives helps strengthen solutions and build interdependence.  Two heads are always better than one.  Six or seven passionately focused people become nearly unstoppable.  Stay very focused on building your team.

Third, link quarterly and annual core projects to a well developed vision.  Walking the walk is much more important than talking the talk.  Keep your vision aspirational yet simple.   Be sincere.  Just Do It.  Nike’s concept will never die.  The simplicity is profound.  The company is an icon in its industry.   Clarify your vision and stay the course.

Fourth, take baby steps.  Greatness is achieved one step at a time.  Know your destination.  Chart the course.  Plan, prepare and proceed.  Be realistic in what will be accomplished over the short term.  Too many leaders expect too much too soon and not enough over the long-term.  Much can be achieved in two to three years as opposed to accomplishing “it all” in a single 12-month period.  Operate with principles and stay patient.  Life is a marathon not a sprint.

Fifth, celebrate along the way.  Little wins acknowledged along the journey keep people engaged, inspired and leaning forward.   Building a strong company is filled with highs and lows. Take time to say thank you when little things go well.  Everyone likes to be appreciated.

Sixth, build corporate beliefs.  Ensure the company culture continues to evolve.  Be open to conflicting ideas.  Challenge historical paradigms.  Face it; the world we are living in is changing really fast.  Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability yet be unwavering in core beliefs all must share.  The paradox is profound.  Embrace change while simultaneously working towards consistency.

Building a great company takes time, patience and an unwavering passion.   Be there for others and others will be there for you.

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