How to Increase Your IQ by 80 Points

According to Marvin Minsky, the father of artificial intelligence, you can radically increase your IQ by developing one simple skill. Cultivating a well-developed point of view.

Original thinking is critical to developing strong strategy plans that get executed.   For most, making the time to think deeply about multiple “roads to success” AND considering consequences is not a common behavior. People tend to behave habitually vs. truly challenging their own preferences.

Here is a simple exercise to help facilitate the process. I call it Domino Decision Making. To help think through strategic decisions, it is important to compare potential consequences of actions from opposite perspectives. Thinking through strategic options should go a minimum of three levels deep. In essence, what is the consequence of the consequence of the consequence?

If the outcome at the third level consequence is highly favorable or at least acceptable (when having to decide between two less desirable options) then that course of action should be followed.

To use the “road map of success” metaphor, heading north is one possible option. Naturally, the opposite direction is south. By applying the three levels of Domino Decision Making, a leader can objectively list the logical consequences of going in either direction. Assuming the three levels of consequences heading south is the better approach, the potential direction to take has been cut in half.

The same process can now be applied for east and west. In short order, a seemingly endless list of alternatives is reduced by 75%. If, for sake of illustration, the leader has determined that heading southwest is the best option, by repeating the process one more time, a strong direction will be created.

By taking actions based on the “best” route, the leader will begin moving their organization towards the desired destination. Equally important, this exercise will create a well-developed point of view.

Think beyond the obvious, take action and before long, the organization will be on the road to success.

Enjoy the journey while increasing your “IQ.”