Leadership from the Inside Out

A number of years ago I had the privilege of getting to know Kevin Cashman, best-selling author of Leadership from the Inside Out – Becoming a Leader for Life and very successful executive coach to many Fortune 500 companies.

I recently pulled Kevin’s book off the shelf and began reviewing my highlights and notes.  If I could summarize the book in one word, it would be timeless. Kevin’s brilliant work is a self-study in helping people become authentically aware of themselves and what they might contribute to their world.  He takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery by focusing on seven critical pathways of life.

  1. Personal Mastery – Leading Through Authentic Self-Expression
  2. Purpose Mastery – Leading by Expressing out Gifts to Create Value
  3. Change Mastery – Leading in the Flow
  4. Interpersonal Mastery – Leading Through Synergy
  5. Being Mastery – Leading Through Being
  6. Balance Mastery – Leading by Centering out Life
  7. Action Mastery – Leading as a Whole Person

Each “pathway” lends itself to profound introspection and pause.  The book’s interactive design coupled with great quotes from other leadership experts provides the reader with a tremendous opportunity to stretch, learn and grow.  I would strongly recommend it for those who have the courage to move beyond complacency and begin to re-create their competence and confidence as an ever-evolving leader.

As Neale Walsch so eloquently put it, “if you don’t go within, you go without.”   Fulfillment is ultimately created from the core of who you are.

Only the best as you become a leader from the inside out.