Six Strategy Secrets

Building a company without a strategy is like building a custom-built house without a blueprint. Your “carpenters” (employees) can pound nails all day long but the owner / CEO will likely not like the finished product. Worse, if the executive team is not aligned, is it any wonder desired results fail to materialize?

Here are six startling statistics specific to strategy execution.

1.  87% of Strategy Plans Don’t Work – According to a leading global management-consulting firm; the large majority of companies fail to execute their strategy plans. More astonishing, the large majority of small and lower middle market companies don’t even have a strategy plan in place. The days of the CEO / Owner serving as the Oracle are over. Companies must build strong strategy plans and ensure the executive team knows how to implement.

2.  88% of Employees Follow vs. Lead – Many people have been conditioned by “old school” methodologies like “speak when asked.” “Don’t challenge your superiors.” “Do as you are told.” “Because I said so.” “Don’t question authority.” “This is ‘my’ company, division, department, we’re doing things ‘my’ way.” The sad reality is that these approaches create dissension, complacency and apathy. The great news is once individuals are shown simple, yet powerful principles EVERY individual can constructively influence others.

3.  80% of People’s Behavior is Driven by Fear – Most people work to avoid pain vs. gaining pleasure.       It’s stunning how many individuals choose to live in the KNOWN DYSFUNCTION vs. UNKNOWN FUNCTION. A simple solution is to act as if you won’t fail.  Take small, calculated risks.  Progressive executives deeply desire direct reports to stretch beyond their comfort zones and contribute in significant ways. Try it you will like it.

4.  75% + of Employees are Disengaged – A staggering number of people go to work vs. going to WORK! To fully tap individuals’ potential, their job must go beyond a paycheck.  People desire to be appreciated, valued and contribute in a significant way. To ensure employees are fully energized, leaders must engage, enroll and ultimately empower others to manifest the company vision.

5.  99% of People Want to Do the Right Thing – Nearly everyone gets up every morning with the sincere intent to do right. It is extremely rare for an individual to jump out of bed and immediate shout “today, I am going to ruin as many people’s lives as possible. Yep, it is my singular objective to wreak havoc in my colleague’s lives.” Now, it is true, individuals may have differing opinions on what is “right,” yet, once issues are candidly placed on the table and discussed, most people can quickly sort out difference and work towards collective solutions.

6.  100% of Strategies can be Executed – Strong execution is not an event. Like life, strategies must continually evolve. When executives pause, reflect and re-plan, the probability of executing on desired deliverables are greatly enhanced. Make the complex simple.  Realize it will take considerable time and effort to implement change and improvement.  Collaboration at all levels of the business will be required. The outcome, when done well, will amaze.

Creating and Executing a well-developed strategy plan may be one of the most important skills small and mid-size company executives must learn. The days of instructing and expecting are long gone. The marketplace is moving too fast. As leaders we must energize our companies and demonstrate exceptional management, coaching and leading.

It has been said when the “student” is ready, the “teacher” will appear. Are you ready?


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