Spit It Out

The “flavor of the month” will NOT transform your business or your team. Spit out the “pill” no matter how many sensational claims are being made.

If you would like to radically improve your business here are the three levels of mastery required.   Be forewarned, the concepts are easy to understand yet require discipline and time to execute.

  • Mastery of the Marketplace – An intimate understanding of your customers/clients, competitors and potential changes that may impact revenue and profits
  • Mastery of the Organization – Understanding the company culture, life stage and overall health of the business. Beyond profitability, mastery of the organization gages how readily the business can thrive without the CEO’s daily decision making
  • Mastery of Self – Having an honest understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses. One’s openness to change and personal growth

In an age where Moore’s Law continues (technology doubles every year) and where entire industries have been brought to their knees via technological disruption, the tendency for many executives is to grasp for ready-made solutions and shiny quick fixes. The typical reaction is to immediately turn outward and react to the seemingly endless disruptive changes the company faces.   Or worse, ignore the myriad of marketplace changes and simply hope one’s business will be spared the pending mayhem.

Interestingly, the optimal process to ensure success is to reverse the levels of mastery mentioned above. CEOs and their executive team must first look in the mirror and control the one entity they have 100% influence over, themselves.

They would benefit from gaining insight on their passions, talents and core contributing characteristics. Next, they would share their self-introspection with their team and encourage each to do the same. By recognizing one’s talents and skills, the processes to better understanding and enrolling the organization becomes much easier.

The pace of change continues to intensify. Ironically, the skills required to accept and adapt to the rapid change is not solved with technology but something much more sophisticated; the utilization of empathy coupled with interpersonal skills to include communication, collaboration and compromise.

Yes, in the age of artificial intelligence, soft skills may be the glue that holds a chaotic world together. As much as the Internet of Things accelerates access to information, products and services, exceptional interpersonal connectivity and trust will remain of great import.

Building trusting relationships is critical to individual, organizational and customer value.

Considering the massive uncertainly most everyone is facing, how are you building trust with those you rely on?

If you had an honest conversation with your top customers how would they rate your company on your firm’s trustworthiness, strength of relationship and over-all reliability?

If you don’t earn at B+ or better, it might be time to look in the mirror.


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