Success Simplified

“Everyone thinks of improving the world, but no one thinks of improving himself.”     – Leo Tolstoy

High performance can be simplified into three characteristics, Aptitude, Attitude and Actions.

Aptitude – The combination of intelligence and life experiences. When intentionally applied, wisdom is created.

Attitude – How people perceive or feel at any given time.

  • Jazzed – Passionate, constructive, optimistic
  • Jobbers – Going along, “the job is the job”
  • Jaded – Cynical, negative, victim mind-set

True leaders are Jazzed: they are committed to stepping out of their comfort zones and continually improve themselves and those around them.
Actions – The easiest way to understand others is by observing how they behave.

Building a successful organization is relatively easy. Hire Jazzed employees and then work to develop how they think, speak and act.