The Greatest Gift Ever – Giving Gratitude

As we conclude another year and celebrate our successes or retool for the opportunities that lie ahead, it is beneficial to pause; to reflect and show gratitude to those who have contributed to the progress made during the last 12 months.

To help facilitate your personal and authentic act of gratitude, you are invited to take the following actions.

After you finish reading these brief thoughts, stop yourself from moving on to the next “urgent” activity.  Simply pause and smile.

Take out a blank piece of paper or open a fresh document on your computer.

List a minimum of seven things that happened to you over the course of the year for which you are most thankful.  Examples might be simple like going to lunch with a friend.  A More profound experience is when your child expressed their love and appreciation for you.  Yet another could include being fired from a job you frankly hated but “needed” the money.

Next, write the name of the person directly linked to the event you cited.

Now, think about that person.   Identify one characteristic that makes that person unique.  The one thing you value most about that individual.  Write a single sentence describing why you appreciate that person’s unique characteristic next to the person’s name.

Finally, pick up the phone:  Don’t text or email, pick up the phone and simply say something like this.  “Lisa, thank you for allowing me to vent last month after my boss chewed me out.  You have remarkable listening skills.  I really appreciate your open ear without judging me.  I just wanted to call and say thanks!  You’re a great friend.”
Gratitude Medalion
Or, “Tom, you are a truly gifted sales professional.  I know as the CEO of this company, my expectations are high.  I just want you to know how much I appreciate your positive can do attitude. Your commitment to providing exceptional solutions for our customers is a major reason why we had such a great year.  You are a valued member of our team.  Thanks for making great things happen.”

Each call or face-to-face meeting will likely take under 30 seconds.  Yes, 30 SECONDS.   Most astounding, your gift of gratitude may be one of the best presents your family, friends or colleagues receive all year.

Give Gratitude.  It’s free and it’s lasts a lifetime!

Enjoy the journey.

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