What is Wisdom?


  • The quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment, the quality of being wise
  • The soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge and good judgment

Have we finally reached the stage of human evolution where we can rise beyond animalistic tendencies of kill or be killed?   By looking around the world today, many would quickly conclude the answer is no.  I know different.

There are many, many incredibly gifted and passionate people “waking up” to alternative approaches to creating stronger and inspiring organizations.  The process does not come easy.  It is often slow and fraught with setbacks.  Yet, progress is being made.

Subtle shifts in patience, genuine listening and a desire for outcomes that exceed individual agendas are becoming more commonplace.   Teams of like-minded thinkers are congregating, collaborating and creating solutions that stir the soul.  It is amazing to experience the increased frequency of discussions around the greater good, inspired teamwork and even spirituality.  It seems a spark has been lit and a positive movement is manifesting.

These observations are not esoteric.  Rather the source of energy building in many organizations is created through positive and negative experiences.  These experiences are the bedrock of what is commonly called wisdom.

The concept of wisdom for some may be just that, conceptual.  Yet for others, building wisdom is at the core of their leadership and the company culture they desire.  Building organizational wisdom is incumbent for students of constructive evolution.  The process to do so requires three key elements.

Curiosity – The sincere desire to learn, stretch and grow.  The demonstrated open mindedness to see what lies behind the veil of the tried and true.  The willingness to ask why in an effort to genuinely dig deeper within one’s self and explore one’s purpose and ultimately expand one’s expression for the benefit of others.

Compassion – Understanding there is no such thing as THE way there is simply A way is the foundation of compassion.  The need to always be right is the quickest way to be wrong.  Being kind, considerate and forgiving, opens one’s self to explore, expand and experience added dimensions of loving and leading.  Doing what has always been done will consistently produce the same outcomes.  The challenge facing so many leaders today is the world is changing – fast!  Without compassionate adaptation, success will not be achieved.

Commitment – Open-minded intent is the fuel for creating a desired future.  There will be those that fight to maintain mediocrity.  The status quo is comfortable.  Yet, for the souls that seek to make a sustained difference in themselves, their communities and the world at large, sitting still is not the answer.  Ironically, the hardest part of impacting the world is not convincing seven billion others to follow you.  It is demonstrating the commitment to change yourself.

Demonstrating wisdom is one of the greatest acts of leadership that both impacts and inspires those we have the privilege to influence.

As year-end is fast approaching, what plans do you have to demonstrate wisdom in the months and year ahead?


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