Are You Ready to Be a Ripple?

A fellow executive and I were chatting recently.  We were discussing the serious challenges facing a potential client and how we might help this company solve some very severe cash flow and business operational challenges.

This led to my friend reminiscing on his career and life.  A synopsis of his musings are as follows:

  • At the age of 25, he had aspirational goals to change the world
  • At 35, he narrowed his focus to the United States
  • At 45, he decided it was best ...
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Brutal Truth

One of the most underutilized tools in business is feedback.  Few know how to give it.  Fewer still actually use it. 

Doc Rivers, the LA Clippers coach said, “average players want to be left alone, good players want feedback and great players want to be told the truth.”

A grand paradox is only a small segment of any group can be truly “great.”  It’s a matter of statistics.  Remember the good old bell-shaped curve.  Ever look at an ...

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Don’t Become An Uber

Much has been written about building a strong sustainable business.  Intellectually understanding a prescription for success is easy.  Actually doing the work is not.

Travis Kalanick’s recent fall from grace as CEO of Uber is yet another prime example of how arrogance and omnipotence can quickly cripple a leader’s efforts to succeed.

With the amazing amount of technological, economic and generational change currently occurring in organizations there are a number of key principles we might internalize to avoid becoming another corporate casualty.

First, ...

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