Leading Millennials

A reported 80 million people make up the next surge in market shifting dynamics called the Millennials. Based on recent projections, nearly 50% of all workers will be represented by Millennials by 2020!

Every time I speak with business owners and CEOs the topic of hiring and managing Millennials surfaces. For many Boomer executives, it is believed that Millennials are extremely different than the Boomer generation.

Below is a quick comparison between the perceived Millennial “needs” and those of the Baby Boom ...

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Creating Credibility

Leaders understand their influence is found not in the position they hold but in the ability to allow others to prosper.  True leaders recognize if their subordinates do not trust them, their ability to influence is circumstantial and temporary.

Leadership mastered is a paradox.  To increase power and influence we must give power and influence away.

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How to Increase Your IQ by 80 Points

According to Marvin Minsky, the father of artificial intelligence, you can radically increase your IQ by developing one simple skill. Cultivating a well-developed point of view.

Original thinking is critical to developing strong strategy plans that get executed.   For most, making the time to think deeply about multiple “roads to success” AND considering consequences is not a common behavior. People tend to behave habitually vs. truly challenging their own preferences.

Here is a simple exercise to help facilitate the process. I call ...

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Company Blind Spots

Take a moment to complete this simple exercise.  It might help to print the page.

Close your left eye.  Stare at the + mark below.  Now slowly move the page closer to your face.   Remain staring with your right eye only at the +.  If you stay focused on the plus sign you will notice the minus sign will briefly disappear from your peripheral vision.

   +                              ...

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The Greatest Gift Ever – Giving Gratitude

As we conclude another year and celebrate our successes or retool for the opportunities that lie ahead, it is beneficial to pause; to reflect and show gratitude to those who have contributed to the progress made during the last 12 months.

To help facilitate your personal and authentic act of gratitude, you are invited to take the following actions.

After you finish reading these brief thoughts, stop yourself from moving on to the next “urgent” activity.  Simply pause and smile.

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This is It! The Core Four

Over the last eight weeks, I’ve presented to literally hundreds of senior level executives at multiple professional association meetings and executive team meetings.

Much time and effort was spent discussing how to develop stronger leaders at all levels of business. In fact, one of the major frustrations CEOs and business owners of small to mid-size organizations express is the sense they must make all the decisions and then do the work to ensure things “get done.“ The irony is middle management ...

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Leadership from the Inside Out

A number of years ago I had the privilege of getting to know Kevin Cashman, best-selling author of Leadership from the Inside Out – Becoming a Leader for Life and very successful executive coach to many Fortune 500 companies.

I recently pulled Kevin’s book off the shelf and began reviewing my highlights and notes.  If I could summarize the book in one word, it would be timeless. Kevin’s brilliant work is a self-study in helping people become authentically aware of ...

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Leadership on the World Stage

Disciplined organizational leadership was recently demonstrated for the entire world to see in Brazil. Germany is the deserved 2014 World Cup champion. It was the team’s dominance of Brazil in the semis, however, that exemplified how unselfishness can produce unprecedented results.

The Brazilian team is comprised of the world’s best professional players. Yet, even the greatest individual talent in the world was no match for the German squad that methodically executed a well-designed game plan resulting in a 7-1 victory. The clear ...

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Top Performance Demystified

There are five characteristics top 20% performers consistently demonstrate.  Work to develop and master these skills and your performance will soar.

Having worked in marquee companies like Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Frito Lay both as an executive and as a consultant, I was fortunate to study and collaborate in building metric based “success models” for numerous diverse business units.   Interestingly, the characteristics of top performers across multiple companies were very similar.

Here are the core characteristics of top-tier performers.

Desire ...

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Success Simplified

“Everyone thinks of improving the world, but no one thinks of improving himself.”     – Leo Tolstoy

High performance can be simplified into three characteristics, Aptitude, Attitude and Actions.

Aptitude – The combination of intelligence and life experiences. When intentionally applied, wisdom is created.

Attitude – How people perceive or feel at any given time.

  • Jazzed – Passionate, constructive, optimistic
  • Jobbers – Going along, “the job is the job”
  • Jaded – Cynical, negative, victim mind-set

True leaders are Jazzed: they are committed to stepping out of their comfort zones and continually improve themselves and those around them.
Actions – The easiest way ...

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